IREVI company is absolute leader in the market exchange trade for the last ten years. The best exports, maximum automation and high speed of data exchange through the direct cable access, allows us to lead in the most winning trades and to be in the tops of brokers.

The human touch doesn’t affect much on the settlement of transaction, it is an unacceptable luxury for those who want to win visible success in a stock trading, and get the maximum profit with diversification of risks. The transactional process takes place in undertime with automation and electronic processing in new marketing operation algorithms:

  • Direct cable access to the sales network;
  • Intellectually learning system for routing trade transactions for high-frequency algorithms (smart order routing);
  • Time-up split-second-trading (high-frequency trading).

Most major transactions of investment banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and leading trading TNCs go fast, and you can’t ignore this fact, they are displayedin the market history after the event. To participate in these highly profitable transactions is possible only with the help of high technologies which are provided by best brokers, such as IREVI.

Our company has an access to the trading network due to direct connection with the help of fiber-optic cables, which provides the highest possible speed of 19 Gbps which, besides, exchange trading is used in NASA, excluding the possibility of mismatching of the wave impedance, respectively without distortion and signal loss. The execution speed is provided by dedicated services in reliable LD5 data centres with physical location in the UK and the USA, which are directly connected to liquidity providers and the option of the company’s trading sphere with dedicated synchronous redundant optical cables. As a result, our deals get the fastest execution without delays.

Algorithmic trading works on the new mathematical patterns. There are no people who could keep in memory the whole market history and immediately calculate the liquidity of the transaction, but robot is able to do all these tasks. In addition, by choosing the most profitable transactions and entry points, the robot uses the intelligent routing system for increased control for orders and reduce cost in every individual transaction. At the same time, technical analysis of the market is carried out simultaneously, taking into account transactions in real time and there is a forecast which allows you to calculate the optimal time for entry and exit from orders and conduct continuous trading with the maximum efficiency. When trading is in manual mode, automation allows you to obtain a compilation of technical analysis of the market and ensure maximum diversification of risks.

The IREVI company refers a lion’s share of its own investments, support and develop the latest technologiesin the exchange trade. We conduct our own software development and invest in technologies for quantum silicon computers and unique fiber-optic cables. Technologies are developing and many people can’t get around to them, but we prefer to be one step ahead and independently outstrip the existing market, be the creation and implementation of nano-technologies in the intellectual and industrial sectors.

The IREVI company includes best professionals with practical experience and real indicators of success in their industry. Besides, within the company, we regularly conduct employee testing and refresher course, in order to maintain the company’s staff at the current level of informing current situations and technologies. Regular briefings in local areas centrifugal practical testing allows us to be at the forefront of cost-effective algorithms and use the best technologies and techniques.

Cooperation with IREVI company gives you reliable and guaranteed high income with minimal expenses of personal time. Due to our technologies and experienced professionals, your money will work for you with maximum profitability and risk diversification. The best investment portfolios and high profit ratio for all exchange transactions in automatic and manual code.

Your success in financial transactions and investments is our work. Make the right choice and cooperate with the reliable leader of exchange trade- the company IREVI.