The major US stock indexes have dropped

A new wave of speculation about the fact that the meeting between the President of the United States and the President of the People's Republic of China won’t take place within the previously agreed time frame has led

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07.02.2019 10:00
The US labor market growth is marked

Against the background of not very intelligible messages from the Fed representatives about the likely prospects for monetary policy in the near future, the foreign exchange market was overwhelmed by speculation

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01.02.2019 10:00
The US stock market indices are in the red

The reduction in corporate profits of the world's leading companies is due to another wave of speculation about the likelihood of a slowdown in the growth rate of the PRC economy

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28.01.2019 10:00
The major US stock indexes have declined

Despite the fact that the previous week ended with strong corporate reports, the IMF still lowered its own forecasts for the future

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22.01.2019 10:00
A decrease in the value of the US dollar has been noted

The unstable political situation in the EU affected the current state of the value of the national currency of the United States

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11.01.2019 10:00
There is a period of instability In the US economy

Over the period of the daily trading session, the euro reached a weekly high and raised its quotes against the US dollar and the common basket of major currencies

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07.12.2018 10:00