28.01.2019 10:00
The US stock market indices are in the red

The reduction in corporate profits of the world's leading companies is due to another wave of speculation about the likelihood of a slowdown in the growth rate of the PRC economy. In particular, the US stock market reacted sensitively to these messages which led to another decrease in the main indices.

According to the information available, the current trend for futures is:

• oil index: crude oil costs about $ 51.40 per barrel, a decrease of -1.73 points;

• gold index: cost $ 1302.2 per troy ounce, the increase was +4.10 points;

• Dow Jones index: 24378.00, a decrease of -318.00;

• United States (10-year) bond index: 2.733%, a decrease of -0.02%.

In the US, the final meeting of the Senate and the House of Representatives has come to an end. Following the meeting, the bill unanimously supported the procedure and rules for the financial support of a number of federal agencies and the government. This bill has already been endorsed by the current president D. Trump. Due to this, the federal government was again able to start executing its direct official duties which were previously suspended. Nevertheless, President Trump made an unequivocal statement that he would veto this law at any time if the government doesn’t provide financial resources to build the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Currently, the stock market is under pressure from external circumstances directly related to the level of drawdown in the growth rate of the global economy. In particular, the largest decline in yield and demand is observed in the commodity sector. This circumstance directly affects the level and volume of mining.

The inflation risk indicators are growing. According to the Chicago FBI, the national activity index rose to 0.27 points in December, against 0.21 points a month earlier. The current figure peaked in the last 4 months.

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