21.12.2018 10:00
The new US data supported the dollar

Despite speculations that the US Federal Reserve doesn’t plan to consider the next year’s increase in interest rates, market participants prefer to deal with a safe dollar. Moreover, it was noted the fall of the major stock indexes and significantly reduced the yield of government bonds.

The current value of the US dollar index is at the level of 96.95 points. Relative to the six major currencies of the general basket, the price increased by 0.7%.

According to analysts and independent experts, substantial support for the national currency was provided by new data for the reporting period. In particular, it became known that the consumer confidence index rose to the level of 98.3 points which is 1.2 points higher than a month earlier. With a preliminary forecast of 97.5 points.

While waiting for holidays and Christmas breaks, investors avoid opening new, large positions, which reduced the value of the pound sterling to parity with the US dollar. In addition, it was noted that the real GDP of Britain increased by 0.6%.

The author of news articles Ekaterina Dwinskaya

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