22.01.2019 10:00
The major US stock indexes have declined

Despite the fact that the previous week ended with strong corporate reports, the IMF still lowered its own forecasts for the future. According to financial experts, due to the fact that there is a fear in the possibility of a future slowdown in global economic growth. For the same reason, there was a drop in major stock indices in the United States. In particular, for the objective reason that insignificant losses occurred in the technological and industrial sectors.

According to available information, the current dynamics for futures is:

• oil index: crude oil costs about $ 52.39 per barrel, a decrease of -1.65 points;

• gold index: the cost of $ 1,280.4 per troy ounce, a decrease of -2.20 points;

• Dow Jones index: 24481.00, a decrease of -206.00;

• United States (10-year) bond index: 2.757%, a decrease of -0.74%.

On Monday, the forecasts from the IMF were updated. According to the information from IMF analysts, the growth of the global economy in the current year should be about 3.5% and 3.6% in the next 2020 year. However, these figures are below the preliminary estimates which were published in October 2018.

According to financial experts, the main reason for lowering preliminary expectations was due to the weak economic position of the EU. Especially against the background of the events of the inevitability of the exit of Great Britain from the European Union.

In line with economic observers, there are signs of slowing economic growth in the PRC. For this reason, there were reasons for concern among participants in the commodity market due to a possible decrease in demand for fuel. To date, there has been a drop in oil prices on all world markets by 3.0%.

In its turn, there was a pause from the Fed. The Board makes no new statements about the likelihood of changes in current interest rates. This circumstance causes various kinds of speculation in the stock market, which is once again supported by negative data.

In particular, it became known that there was a drop in sales in the US housing stock and the growth in real estate prices stopped. Housing sales are the lowest in the last 3 years.

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