11.02.2019 10:00
The company charity report in 2018

The brokerage company IREVI is pleased to announce that over the past calendar year we have participated in various charity projects and promotions.

IREVI company has made its own contribution to a unique social project to increase the level of financial literacy among the population and to form a culture of the foundations for proper investment. The goal of this project is to encourage people to master new types of professions directly related to working in the financial and investment market.

Particularly, the company's specialists conducted a series of free seminars within the country and in neighboring countries. Everyone could attend these

seminars. The key topics of the seminars were: effective tools of a modern investor and the importance of understanding technical analysis graphs at the stage of assessing the prospects for a future trend. We dare to hope that these seminars were useful for both beginners and experienced traders.

As a humanitarian and social assistance company, IREVI made donations to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Fund, as the organization most trustworthy with regard to the targeted distribution of funds.

Last year we held a one-time charity cash lottery among the company's customers and traders from partner companies. The proceeds from the lottery were transferred to charity. And the lottery participants, from among the winners were able to receive either cash in cash or place them in their own account with their broker for further investment.

IREVI Company in every possible way helps our specialists to transfer their knowledge and experience on a gratuitous basis to everyone. We create favorable conditions for the work of traders and try to encourage them in every way in our striving to improve our own financial literacy for successful work in the financial and investment market.

IREVI plans to continue to increase the number of specialists involved to expand the range of useful seminars for all segments of the population in order to improve the financial literacy of people.

IREVI company in its activities professes the principle: "To give gear for fishing, not the fish."

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