16.01.2019 10:00
A decrease in the value of the US dollar has been noted

The unstable political situation in the EU affected the current state of the value of the national currency of the United States. During the period of the trading session, dollar quotes dropped against the yen and the euro, as well as a basket of major currencies.

The current index of the US dollar is fixed at 95.99 points and in relation to the six major currencies of the common basket lowered its value by 0.06%.

According to the National Association of Developers, the market index of new housing has risen by 2.0 points this month to 58.0 points. However, the previous fall for two consecutive months could not significantly affect the situation. Last year, the housing index was fixed at 72.0 points. However, according to financial experts, the retention of the index is higher than the figure of 50 points indicates that the industry has favorable conditions for future development in the future. Directly, analysts say that lowering mortgage lending rates will have a positive impact on the dynamics of the construction of new buildings by developers.

As reported by the chairman of the Association, the demand for housing has a steady increase due to such indicators within the country as steady employment and low unemployment against the background of insignificant and projected inflation by financial regulators.

As stated in to the Ministry of Commerce, the sales index increased to 63.0 points, with the current month's index of 2.0 points. According to the preliminary forecast, it is assumed that the sales index will grow steadily every month within 2-3 points.

A new wave of political events in Britain led to the fact that the pound sterling is trading in a narrow corridor relative to a common basket of major currencies without significant changes in quotations.

The British National Statistical Office reports that contrary to the negative expectations of most market participants, the current inflation figures have dropped to their lowest level in the last 2 years. At the same time, prices for consumer goods rose by 2.1% in December, against 2.3% a month earlier.

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